Wait and return local parcel collection


This service was created for occasions where the item must be brought back to the place where it was collected from.

The service can be used by businesses that need a document to be signed by their customer and needs to be brought back for processing.

Members might need to have an item collected and taken to a repair shop and taken back when repaired, if this is the cases they have to ask the business to book the collection since we do not collect from private addresses from orders place by members.

In both cases the courier have the option of waiting a maximum of ten minutes or he/she can leave his/her mobile number so as soon as the item is ready to be transported back they can contact hi/her to collect the item.

This service is ideal for repair shops of small items that can be transported on a motorbike or moped, such as watches, radios, playing consoles, small television, monitor, mobile phones, laptops etc.