Single local parcel collection

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This service entitles the member to have a bag or a box collected from any of our shopping collection areas and to be delivered within two hours.
Shopping collection area: Any postcode in the London postal district area and the postcodes that surrounding it, the delivery postcode being the centre of the area.
Unfortunately single collections can’t be done from superstores or shopping centers.
Even though this is a single collection members will be able to share it with someone else that might need a product from the same shop, remember one bag or one box not one item.
Due that this will be transported in a motorbike or moped the size of the bag or the box has to be capped to a maximum of 50 cms wide, tall and the maximum weight of 10 kilos.
Our drivers will be able to refuse any collection that doesn’t follows our terms and conditions and unfortunately the collection fees are not refundable, please make sure that the bag or box is the size or weight required, that the items are ready to be collected before placing the order as Couriers are not allowed to wait for items to be bagged or boxed.
It is imperative for the member to supply a land line or mobile number for the business where the item is collected from, this is needed by the courier to collect the package on your behalf.
When ordering your items always asked the shop assistant to seal the bag or box to avoid that nothing falls out of them.
The introductory price for this service will be just £5.50 + £1.10 VAT = £6.60p or £4.40 + £0.88 VAT= 5.28 to the first 10.000 members
This will increase by 10% after 3 months from £5.50 to £6.05 + £1.21 VAT = £7.26 which is 50% cheaper than the cheapest collection available in London right now.
We will also have 4 for the price of 3 and wait and return