Local parcel collection self-employment opportunities

Local parcel collection couriers

lpc courier

This is ideal for unemployed people  not in work programme, they can receive a very low interest loan which could be used to purchase a second hand motorcycle or moped and obtain the necessary insurances required to be a courier which all can be paid in monthly instalments, .

Visit this link  https://www.gov.uk/new-enterprise-allowance  you will receive the loan and get help with up to 49 per week or 106.17 per month,applicants must produce a business plan.

Documentation: Applicants must produce proof that they can work in the UK, proof of address, proof of self-employment, licence or CBT, courier insurance, goods in transit insurance, a DBS check and  a UK bank account with Paym facilities


Applicants must own 5 years old or less motorcycle or moped , helmet and gloves.

The role: A local parcel collection courier  collects parcels such as bag or box from any high street business withing his/her local parcel collection area, which will be the postcode or any other adjacent to it and must deliver the goods within two hours, he/she is responsible for the items while being transported, hence the insurances.

The system: Each courier has a calendar with 15 minutes slots, 4 per hour; this will allow the local parcel collection courier to be able to collect more than one shopping at the time and able to deliver 4 every hour.


The remuneration: £4.00 per collection, up to 4 per hour will be  £16.00 per hour or 128 per day or £31.200 per year for 32 collections a day – 3 per hour, 24 per day will pay £96.00 per day or £25056 per year and finally 2 per hour, 16 per day will be £64.00 per day £16.704 per year, all based on 40 per week we will allow couriers to work up to 60 hours per week, 12 per day.

positive about disable people

We are Positive about disabled people,  mute or deaf citizens will be able to do this type of employment and we encourage you to spread the word if you know anyone with the mentioned disability and inform them of this self-employment opportunity.

Check our local parcel collection areas  in the London postal district area, we are test running our service in the W5 postcode.


Local parcel collection salesperson 


This self-employment opportunity does not require any investment whatsoever, all it’s needed is salesmanship, a monthly oyster card and a smart phone.

Documentation: Applicants must produce proof that they can work in the UK, proof of address, proof of self-employment, and  a UK bank account with Paym facilities.


Equipment: Even though is not necessary, we recommend that every salesperson owns a tablet for them to be able to show businesses our site and play the our video/s to help them increase the chances to secure the sale.

The role: Salespeople would visit businesses to offer them the opportunity to increase their sales by selling their products on our shopping cart, our fees are very low to interest every type business to offer their product or services  on our site, they will have access to a folder where they can upload their products for  just £12.50 per month and 1% of every sale or if they prefer we have adds which consist of one page with up to 10 images, address of the business, land line telephone number and a Paym telephone number for just £6.25 per month, initial payment will be three month worth and must sign a direct debit mandate to be the following month of the first payment.


The system: There are 120 postcodes in the London postal district, we will need a salesperson per 10 postcodes, hereby making it worthwhile for every person and we require a goal of ten contracts per day per salesman/woman – if the goal is not achieved a contract will be offered to other people.

The remuneration: First monthly payment of every contract he/she secures, £12.50 for a selling contract or £6.25 per add sold, this mean earnings of a minimum of £62.50 to £125.00 per day.