local parcel collection Paper-less system

cabinet on cloud

Our company will do the very best to be a paper less one, as is well known there is not 100% paperless offices due that they will need to create contracts that need to be signed such as employment, sub-contracting or tax returns


Shopping collection UK will be a web base company, therefore the orders will be done online, dispatching will be through a third party software that requires the use of a PC, tablet, laptop or mobile and none of then involve using paper.


Our system requires that the members, couriers and businesses must have a smartphone with access to the internet, everything will be done digitally without destroying trees.


We also eliminated the signature on our consignment and even though the software we will be using have a signature collection system, we created what we believe to be a safer method which is the use of codes.


This will consist of our member receiving a code through email or text message neither of requires the use of paper.
Our members will receive receipts for their payments and they will be on PDF format and will include at the bottom of each one a note to the member begging them not to print them unless is extremely necessary.


In these day and age there is no need for many things to be done on paper, the less paper we use the less trees we have to destroy just to keep a record.
A paperless office is cheaper to run, since business can keep thousands of documents in a DVD which otherwise will need a filling cabinet, saving on the paper itself, space where the cabinet would have been kept and the time spent organizing it.


It is less time consuming doing a search on a computer than having to go through hundreds of papers to find the one required, and now with cloud systems or remote connection to your PC one can do that search wherever they are which can not be done if the documents were kept on a cabinet.
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