Local parcel collection Mobile payment system



Undoubtedly the best payment system ever created and for some unbeknown reason very few people knows about  it and even worst the few that knows,  do not use it.

Using Paym system means that you do not have to share your financial details never again, all you need to share is your mobile number, people can clone credit cards but mobiles can not be cloned, if you loose your credit card you might not realise up to 3 days later, if you loose your mobile, within ten minutes you will know that is missing.

We would like to offer our members what we believe to be the safest shopping system ever ” Mobile Checkout ”  unfortunately we can only do that after we have a turnover of £5 million or more, you will be able to shop with your tablet or mobile and when checking out the Pingit application will open, ask for the pass-code and you will make the payment, no details have to be given.

Pingit payments can only accepted after member’s register through Paypal, they can send payments to 07477 227 184 with their membership number as reference, they will save £0.40 per collection if they pay with Pingit.

This system is similar to what is called “Virtual account” which is just paying in advance, this is beneficial for both parties.

Members: Not being restricted to have the items only delivered to the address where the card is registered, you can buy from any postcode in the London postal district area as long as the delivery address is within that local parcel collection area, save £0.40 per collection if you pay with this method.

Business: Having the money paid in advance facilitates the quicker process of the order.