Local parcel collection Faster Payment system


Our aim was to create the safest way of receiving your payments without either of us being a fraud victim due to the transaction.

This payment method is better than paying with credit or debit card since the payments are done from the member’s bank to ours.

Members will be able to deposit money into our account with their membership number as a reference, as soon as is received it will be credited to their account on our site.

The total will appear on the cart and every time the member books a collection this will be deducted from it.

This way there is not need to use a third party to handle the transaction, no details to be shared on the site, no risk of becoming a victim of fraud and we don’t incur any charges.

Faster payment is just what it says, recipients receive their payment faster, some banks mentioned that payments might take up to 2 hours to safeguard themselves against complaints, but in reality it takes a mater of minutes usually within ten minutes the other person receive the payment, if you are not familiar with this payment type copy and paste—->  http://www.fasterpayments.org.uk/about-us/how-faster-payments-works  to  see how it works — .